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Frequently Asked Questions

Most electronic cigarette starter kits will come with two batteries. These batteries are around the size of the tobacco portion of a conventional cigarette. On average a battery should last around one – two days worth of use (the equivalent of one or two refill cartridges), depending on how much you smoke of course.

Having multiple batteries comes in very handy since you can always have one charging as you are using the other. Electronic cigarettes companies usually offer sever charging options to keep your electronic cigarette batteries topped off. So it is wise to always pick up a USB or car charger in addition to the home charging unit that you normally receive.

Electronic cigarette batteries just like all batteries are consumable. Meaning that eventually they will end up getting weaker as time goes on, due to being charged and used over and over. When you have an electronic cigarette battery that gets unusable you should recycle it. All companies sell replacement batteries for their electronic cigarettes. Many of them will even except your old batteries back to recycle them, some even offer a discount if you do.

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