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Where can you buy electronic cigarette liquid e-liquid or e-juice?

Some electronic cigarette manufacturers might discourage and in some cases take measures that do not allow you to refill your electronic cigarette cartridges. However in most cases you can buy the liquid that comes in electronic cigarette cartridges and simply refill them yourself.

Before you go out of your way to buy the refill liquid or e-juice as it is sometimes called, you should check to see if your electronic cigarette refill cartridges are in fact refillable. To do this simply look inside the cartridge. In most cases it is just going to be a hole with a small a piece of fabric or something that will soak up the refill liquid / e-juice.

If you can see where the electronic cigarette refill liquid goes then you can simply buy yourself some of the refill liquid / e-juice and refill the cartridges yourself. However the refill cartridges you receive with your electronic cigarette starter kit may eventually become unusable. Some companies even sell the electronic cigarette starter kits that are meant to be refilled.

If you decide to go this route I strongly recommend that you buy from a company based out of the USA or Canada. This cuts out the chances you are taking by ordering just the e-juice / refill liquid. Most of the companies you will find are based out of China and I personally don not want to take any chances of ordering from a foreign country. The government is watching China and similar countries and seizing shipments. Not to mention I do not trust China with my health by providing me something I am going to ingest.

For this reason I recommend that you check out Electronic Cigarette Smoke Shop. They are a USA based company that sells e-juice / electronic cigarette liquid as well as the electronic cigarettes that are made to be refilled.


Recently Perfect Electronic Cigarette also started selling our own house mixed liquid. Our liquid is far more superior than the e-liquid that most other companies have to offer. The vast majority of e-liquid companies will sell you liquid that they simply bought pre flavored. They buy their liquid with flavoring already added and at a high strength (28mg or higher). Then when cut down their liquid for the customers they are also cutting down on the flavor. So the lower mg e-liquid you use the less flavor you are getting. 


We on the other hand do the exact opposite when we make our e-liquid. We first cut down the strength of unflavored e-liquid then we flavor it. This way you get a great tasting e-liquid every time. You can even buy our e-liquid for less than the cost of most of the other e-liquid companies out there. Just like Zero Tar we to sell a couple of different models of electronic cigarettes that made to be refilled. If you would like to buy e-liquid from us please visit the following link for ordering instructions.


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