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The short answer is yes. There has been some doctors who have done research on the electronic cigarette. Below are some quotes that where taken out of interviews done with some doctors and health officials so you can see what they have said about this amazing product.

Dr Joel Nitzkin, Chair of the Tobacco Control Task Force -

"...we have every reason to believe that the hazard posed by e-cigarettes would be much lower than one percent of the hazard posed by cigarettes."

"I don't think there is any question, there is no possibility that e-cigarettes could be anywhere near as harmful as cigarettes."

"If we get all those smokers to switch from regular cigarettes ... we would eventually reduce that death toll from 400,000 a year to less than 4000 a year, maybe as low as 400 a year."

David Sweanor, worked for International Union Against Cancer, World Health Organization, World Bank and the Pan American Health Organization -

"...the vast majority of the harm caused by smoking was from the method of nicotine delivery rather than from the nicotine itself."

"There is also no longer any scientific doubt that combustion-based products are massively more hazardous than non-combustion products..."

"If there is anyone who believes cigarettes are no more hazardous than e-cigarettes I’d recommend a remedial course in basic sciences."

Dr Adrian Payne, Managing Director Of Tobacco Horizons, a tobacco harm reduction consulting agency -

"I’d hope that governments would use tax policy to steer smokers towards safer products rather than drive them away from them."

"...the current controversy about both snus and E-cigarettes is indicative of the fact that current models of tobacco and nicotine regulation have outlived their usefulness."

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