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The short answer is NO, but let me go into more detail.

We all know that smoking traditional cigarettes is bad for your oral hygiene and will stain your teeth yellow. After your teeth are stained it can take a lot of whitening sessions to get them even close to being white again. Not to mention all of those nasty looking and smelling yellow streaks that traditional cigarettes leave all over your walls, ceiling, windows, car interior, cloths, etc....

These yellow stains and the nasty smell that comes with them is something that even the majority of smokes despise. However with electronic cigarettes you will not experience this nasty side effect that accompanies smoking traditional cigarettes.

Since you are only inhaling water vapor with nicotine and flavor in it when you use an electronic cigarette there is no way it can stain your teeth like a traditional cigarette. The most it will do is moisturize them.

When you smoke a traditional cigarette you are inhaling the after effects of tobacco burning. Smoke is dry and cigarette smoke specifically contains tar and other toxins that can act like a bonding agent and stick to things like your teeth, cloths, walls and windows. While on the other hand the water vapor that comes from electronic cigarettes simply disintegrates into the air.

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