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The Envy Electronic Cigarette Review Video


This is Perfect Electronic Cigarettes video review of the Envy electronic cigarette. The Envy electronic cigarette is hands down the smallest electronic cigarette that I have ever seen or used. It measures in just a hair shorter than the Blu electronic cigarette which is really small. In fact it is probably a little shorter than a traditional analog cigarette. However with the small size comes a price and that is a shorter battery life.


At first glance that Envy looks like it is going to be a cheap an inexpensive electronic cigarette. However the starter kit that comes with a small price tag is that way for a reason. The cheaper Envy electronic cigarette starter kit only comes with one battery and one atomizer as well as a USB charger. So if you plan on using this as your main electronic cigarette you are best to get another battery. However after you fork out some cash for the extra battery you will spend over the $59.99 that other electronic cigarette starter kits cost that come with two batteries. 


All in all the Envy electronic cigarette can hit pretty good for a mini style electronic cigarette. However it's small price tag for the cheap starter kit can be kind of decieving. If I could only find a way to get that flimsy cardboard pack that it comes in to charge the battery while I was on the go it might be worth the money. 


Eko Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Pack Review, Just Like Blu Electronic Cigarette!



This is Perfect Electronic Cigarettes official review of the Eko Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit. This is one of the various personal carrying case electronic cigarette kits that have been hitting the market. I have used this kit for a few weeks prior to doing the review and have to say that it is almost exactly like the Blu electronic cigarette starter kit. The Eko pack is more matte and almost hard rubber like where the Blu pack is more glossy and hard plastic type of feel to it.


All in all both the Eko electronic cigarette and the Blu electronic cigarette are pretty good mini electronic cigarettes. The vapor that they produce is not as good as some of the other electronic cigarettes on the market. However by refilling your own cartridges you can get a much better vapor quality than what you will experience with the factory filled cartridges. When it comes to convenience and eae of charging both the Eko and Blu electronic cigarette pack come in super handy.


I hope that you enjoy the review and it helps with making your final decision on what kind of e-cigarette to buy.  If you would like to see how to refill a Blu or Eko Cartridge please watch the video found in the classroom section of the Perfect Electronic Cigarett site.  




How To Refill A Joye 510 / Titan 510 / TECC 510 Electronic Cigarette Cartridge


In this video we are going to take a look at how to refill the Titan 510 / Joye 510 / TECC 510 (Yeti, Dura, etc..) electronic cigarette cartridge. Refilling your own electronic cigarette cartridges has many advantages. From the rainbow of availible flavors and the extra savings, to having the ability to choose your own e-liquid strength, refilling your own electronic cigarettes is the best way to go.

In this video we are going to take a look at one of the few different ways that you can refill your Titan 510 electronic cigarette cartridges. It will discuss one of the most simple yet effective ways of refilling your 510 model electronic cigarette cartridges. Although there are many ways to go about accomplishing this task I still use the method described in this video. There are a number of different mods that you can do to your Titan 510 cartridges as well as even filling them with a syringe to start your fill towards the bottom working your way up. 


However I still prefer to be some what primitive and keep things simple by simply dripping the e-liquid into my Titan 510 e-cig cartridges and moving the batting away from the sides a bit with a toothpick or paper clip. By moving the batting away from the side you are allowing air to escape from inside the Titan 510's cartirdge and allowing the e-liquid to move down towards the bottom of the cartridge. 


I will work on more videos on how to refill your Titan 510 / Joye 510 in the future. In the mean time just sit back, enjoy the Titan 510 refill video and keep on vapin :)


Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Massive Vapor!

How To Get An Even Bigger Hit Off A Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette!



This is a video I threw togther one day about how to get a massive hit from your Green Smoke electronic cigarette. Now the Green Smoke e-cig already puts off a whole lot of vapor. In fact I call it the vapor monster. But for some people the Green Smoke does not give a big enough throat hit. So the answer to that problem? Take a even bigger hi!


Well that or you could just refill your Green Smoke with some different e-liquid. After all the Green Smoke e-liquid that comes pre filled in the cartridges is really mellow and does not tickle the throat much at all. Some good quality e-liquid will solve that problem. 


In this Green Smoke electronic cigarette hints and tips video you will learn a little about how the Green Smoke e-cigarette works and how you can take advantage of its vents to get a bigger hit and work your way around the metered cut off that Green Smoke uses. I hope you enjoy the video. 


Titan 510 / Joye 510 / TECC 510 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Review


Visit our electronic cigarette forum for information on how to get your hands on a dual e-cigarette (2 complete e-cigarettes) Titan 510 starter kit for only $55 dollars. We also over 50 flavors of e-liquid starting at only $3.95.
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This is Perfect Electronic Cigarettes official review of the Joye 510, Titan 510, TECC 510. If you are wondering, why all the names? Well when it comes down to this electronic cigarette it actually goes by many names. The original manufacturer called it the Joye 510. However other companies are now manufacturing the 510 model and calling it various names. Some call it the Titan 510 and The Electronic Cigarette Company (where it came from) calls it the TECC 510. You may also see it called the Yeti as well as a few other names. However they are all the same model of electronic cigarette. 
I was actually surprised at how much I like the Joye 510. I am vaping on it at the time of writing this and actually have made this electronic cigarette my main vape when I am not reviewing an electronic cigarette. Most of the newer starter kits of the Titan 510 have only manual batteries. The manual battery is something that I have only seen on the 510 series of electronic cigarettes. 
At first I thought that the manual battery would be a pain to use and would go off all the time in my pocket. However I have grown to love it. With the manual battery you can actually get a bigger hit which is saying a lot since the Titan 510 is a mini vapor monster. The only other electronic cigarette (that I have used) that puts out more vapor than the Titan 510 is the Green Smoke electronic cigarette. However the price for the Titan is way lower. 
Another great feature of the TECC 510 electronic cigarette is how easy it is to fill the cartridges. The TECC 510 is truly made to be refilled. The cartridges are very open making refilling a breeze. All in all you should put the Titan 510 at the top of your electronic cigarette wish list. It is a great unit. 

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36mg Vanilla Flavored Wicked E-Liquid Video Review

This is Perfect Electronic Cigarette's video review of the 36mg Vanilla flavored Wicked E-Liquid. I tried to go as in depth with this Wicked E-Liquid review as I could. I really enjoyed this E-liquid however it is really strong and should only be used for mixing. I actually tried to vape some of this stuff strait at first and caught a buzz off of it. So unless you are an extreme hard core cigarette user you will probably never want to vape strait 36mg e-liquid. 
The flavor of the 36mg Vanilla Wicked E-Liquid is rather nice. I am not really a fan of vanilla anything, however I found that the flavor is not really overwhelming and did not stop me from vaping with it. I did do a lot of mixing with this e-liquid (whenever I used it) and have to say that it is really good to mix with other flavors like chocolate or pretty much anything you would like a hint of vanilla with. 
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This is Perfect Electornic Cigarette's official review of the 18mg Chocolate flavored e-liquid from TrueVapor.com. This was probably my second favorite flavor of e-liquid that I have tasted from True Vapor. Ultimatelly the chocolate e-liquid tasted good by itself but was killer for mixing. There are so many flavors that go well with chocolate. The chocolate e-liquid was by far my favorite mixing e-liquid. 

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