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Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes (USA)
The E-Cig Smoke Shop

This section of our site is dedicated to helping others find out where they can buy an electronic cigarette / smokeless cigarettes in the USA. Since the ban on the import of electronic cigarette's, USA citizens do not have many choices on where to shop for them. This section contains electronic cigarette companies that are based out of the USA.


Below you may see some various icons below the brand of electronic cigarette's logo. These icons let you know if they are running any specials when you buy an electronic cigarette from them today. You know stuff like free shipping, sales, and coupon codes. However one of the electronic cigarette companies below have been awarded the golden cigarette award. This is an award given by our staff to the electronic cigarette store that we feel offers the best electronic cigarette package.

Simply click on one of the electronic cigarette / smokeless cigarettes brands below to see what they have to offer..

Click here to bookmark this site and check back frequently. We are looking to add even more great electronic cigarette / smokeless cigarettes companies that are based out of the USA when we find the. So expect to see this e-cigarette section continuously expanding!

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Are Leading The Pack!

Green Smoke Review

Green Smoke Video Review

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Perfect Electronic Cigarette Trophy
Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes
Green Smoke money back guaranteeGreen Smoke Coupon Code

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Green Smoke Basic Starter Kit
Green Smoke Basic Ecig Starter Kit
$ 139.00

The Green smoke basic starter kit comes with everything pictured above. It is about the size of a conventional cigarette and is composed of only two pieces.


The Basic Starter Kit Comes With
2 rechargeable e-cigarette batteries
1 USB and 1 home charger kit
5 Nicotine cartridges (Comes With 6mg Tobacco Flavor cartridges or choose any combination for only $5 more)
1 Green Smoke e-cig manual


When it comes to environmental smoking Green Smoke leads the pack. Green smoke offers a variety of electronic cigarette starter kit combination. Over the last year I have seen Green Smoke keep adding to their lineup of accessories. At first they had a pretty basic lineup. However it has taken off and they now give you a couple choices of battery and led colors as well as passthoughs, cases, ect...


There is even rumor of something new coming out. It is pretty hush hush at the moment so I cannot get, let alone divulge any info. But just know that when Green Smoke releases this new product it should be great news for all of you soon to be Green Smokers!


Green smoke does have only one model of electronic cigarette for you to buy. But they make up for it with a wide variety of electronic cigarette starter kits. There is even a starter kit for couples who want to start vaping together :)

Click the link below to order a Green Smoke ecig or learn more about their great products!
Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

PEC Smoke Shop

TECC / Titan / Joye 510 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

TECC Titan 510 black electronic cigarette starter kit

Price $55.00

The TECC 510 / Titan 510 / Joye 510 / Dura / Yeti electronic cigarette starter kit goes by a lot of names. It comes with everything you see in the above picture (2 batteries, 2 atomizers, 5 cartridges, wall charger and manual). Essentially you get two complete electronic cigarettes for one low price!


The 510 ecig is a little bit bigger (longer and wider) than a few of the other electronic cigarettes on the market. But at the same time it is one of the more natural feeling ecigs out there. But don't be fooled! This unit can put out a lot of vapor (almost as much as GS) and is a really great buy.


The 510 Starter Kit Includes
2 Flat black rechargeable manual batteries with blue LEDs
2 Flat black atomizers
1 Home battery charging kit
5 Prefilled 510 refill cartridges
1 Titan 510 instruction manual


The Titan 510 or TECC 510 as some people call it is ideal for electronic cigarette users who want to refill their own cartridges. Each cartridge is the equivalent to about 8 - 10 cigarettes. However depending on how you vape and how much you fill the cartridge you can normally get more.


The 510 is available in a wide range of colors and it has a ton of accessories. It only comes with tobacco flavored cartridges, but PEC throws in a free 6ml bottle of eliquid with every starter kit. You can buy extra blank cartridges for your 510 however the 5 you get with your kit can be re-used for a really long time. . This makes the Titan 510 ideal for home refilling.


Not to mention the PEC Smoke Shop has more flavors than any other ecig shop out there. At the time of writing this they have over 150 flavors!


Click Here To Order Your
510 Electornic CIgarette Starter Kit

Click Here To Check Their Large Variety Of
Gourmet E-Liquid

v2 Electronic Cigarette Header

V2 Cig Electronic Cigarettes

V2 is one company that was fast out of the gate. With only being about a year old at the time of writing this they quickly jumped up to be one of the big name ecig brands.

V2 Cig offers a wide variety of electronic cigarette starter kit along with 10 great flavors of cartridges to choose from. V2 is sure to be one mamoth in the electronic cigarette industry that is in for the long haul.

V2 Standard Starter Kit

The Standard Starter Kit Includes
1x V2 Cig automatic battery, and 1x V2 Cig manual battery
10x of our V2 Cig flavor Cartridges (in your choice of up to 2 flavors and strengths)
1x V2 Cig Charger Combo (USB Charger and Wall Adapter)
1x V2 Cig Users manual

Click Here To Order The V2 Cig StandardStarter Kit

V2 Cigs has a very big variety of electronic cigarette starter kits availible. If you would like to see them all simply click on the V2 Cig link in the left hand menu. It will bring you to the V2 Cig menu that shows all of their most popular products as well as a link to our V2 Cig review and a V2 Cig coupon code.

Click the link below to learn more about
V2 Cig Electronic Cigarettes


Blu Electronic Cigarettes

Blu electronic cigarettes logo
electronic cigarette guarantee iconfree shipping on electronic cigarettes

Check Out The Blu Electronic Cigarette Review

Blu elctronic cigarettes definetally offers the most bang for you buck. The blu electronic cigarette starter kit is not only sleak and stylish it is also affordable. We don't like to say that blu sells cheap electronic cigarettes by any means. However thier prices are unlike any other electronic cigarette company out there, even thier refill cartridges cost half as much as most of the other companies. Not to mention the blu pack has more to offer than even the more expensive electronic cigarette starter kits have to offer.


Although I have not broke out a ruler or anything, blu claims to be the worlds smallest cigarette. But that is not the only thing that seperates them from the competition they also allow you to choose your style of electronic cigarette (black, or white). So if you are looking to puchase an electronic cigarette and you are on a budget make sure your first stop is to check out blu.

While blu electronic cigarette starter kit


White blu E-Cigarette Starter kit comes with

  • 1 blu pack, that can hold up to 5 tips & even charges your batteries while you are out!
  • 2 blu batteries available in either mysterious black or traditional white
  • 1x wall charger
  • 1x USB charger
  • 1 carton of cartridges in flavor & strength of choice
  • 1x self cleaning atomizer

Click the link below to learn more about
Blu E-Cigarettes

More Great E-Cig Products And Electronic Cigarette Reviews Coming Soon!


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